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What is Coming Attractions about?
What's an afternoon at the movies without a preview fix? Here's a whole 30 minutes full of the latest teasers from all over Hollywood, thanks to host Kerri Kasem and a crack staff who mercilessly pursue leads until they get the hottest footage. (Actually, they just send messengers to the studios, and they are given the newest trailers, but that doesn't sound nearly so dramatic.) The result is the earliest possible peek at everything from big-budget action flicks to those black-and-white European things you'll probably never even see. So watch Coming Attractions and remember: At E!, the future is always just a film clip away. During the series' fifth year, E! began using stars from movies as host & using them for special episodes to promote movies, including John Cho & Kal Penn for 'Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle' & the cast of the ABC sitcom 'Less Than Perfect.' Coming Attractions airs new episodes on Th

Actors: Art Mann, Kristin Veitch, Jason Feinberg, Matt Iseman, Ryan Downey, Kristen Milla, Cindi Taylor, Kerri Kasem, Cindy Taylor, Kristin Malia, Patrick Stinson, Todd Newton, John Burke

Season 4 of Coming Attractions

    Episode 1: Show 197  
    Episode 2: Show 198  
    Episode 3: Show 199  
    Episode 4: Show 200  

Season 5 of Coming Attractions

Season 6 of Coming Attractions

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