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What is Joe Garagiola's Memory Game about?
Former baseball star and then-current Today personality Joe Garagiola hosted this eponymously titled game show, a simple quizzer married to Concentration. How so, you might ask? Well, the contestants were shown a booklet containing the questions and answers that were to be asked before a round. Five contestants, including a returning champion, competed on Joe Garagiola's Memory Game. The contestants, each spotted $50 to start, are given 30 seconds to study booklets containing the questions and answers. After a buzzer, the show assistants collected the booklets, and Gargiola asked the champion a question randomly taken from the booklet. The champion who was No. 1 could elect to answer or call out an opponent's number (2 through 5). That player could answer or call any of his/her opponents to answer, and so on until a time's up buzzer sounded. At that time, that player had to answer. A correct answer was

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