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What is The Tweenies about?
Produced by the BBC, Tweenies is a British sensation starring full-body puppets, the "preschoolers," Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake, their dog, Doodles, and the "grownups" Judy and Max. The gang and viewers at home learn to express themselves through language; encounter concepts from nature like weather, time, and magnets; enjoy creative activity in music and the visual arts; and explore issues in social interaction. Viewer interactivity is encouraged with action songs, stimulating kid's imaginations with each new Tweenie activity. Characters Bella: The oldest and tallest of the Tweenies. She is 4 and a half years old. Bella is quite the bossy and smart. She is Best friends with Fizz. Basically the only one to get along with better than the rest. Milo: A crazy 4 year old. He's funny and has a big imagination! He is best friends with Jake. Usually he says he's my mate! And his most common word is "a

Actors: Alan Riley, Sinead Rushe, Colen Daley, Justin Fletcher, Sally Preisig, Simon Grover, Samantha Dodd, Tamsin Heatley, Matthew Lyons, Jenny Hutchinson, C H Beck, Pui Fan Lee


Season 1 of The Tweenies

    Episode 2: Spiders  
    Episode 3: I Am Me  
    Episode 7: Mermaids  
    Episode 8: Ballet  
    Episode 10: Pebbles  
    Episode 17: Ball  
    Episode 18: Colours  
    Episode 22: Dragon  
    Episode 30: Sheets  
    Episode 31: Sand  
    Episode 33: Police  
    Episode 35: Rolling  
    Episode 40: Fairies  
    Episode 43: Hiccups  
    Episode 45: Meadow  
    Episode 47: Leaves  
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