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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 23 Sanzo Counterattacks! Please Give Me Back My Body!!

Nanya is still jealous of Gokudo, thinking Djinn ('Jade') is in love with him ('her'). Since mer-tigers such as herself must eventually return to their animal forms, Queen West has informed her that the only way for her to remain with Jade is if she kills a human female and takes her body as her own. However, when she tries to knife Gokudo (still in Rubette's body, you'll recall), this snaps Djinn out of the Teralarian curse and he intervenes. In other news, the evil monk Sanzo (apparently still not dead!) resurfaces to fight our 'heroes' once more, but is eventually banished for good by a tag-team effort by Miroku and Jyoka. And, as will come as absolutely no surprise to fans of Gokudo, once everything is sorted out Queen West reveals herself to be none other than 'Granny' (that is, the Queen of the Magic World)... and she returns the gang back to their correct bodies. (Too bad, then, that Gokudo's is still infant-sized.)

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