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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 22 The Awakening of Miroku - Where Is Happiness?

As we approach the end of the Sanzo plot arc, the show gets a bit weird. (At least, weird for Gokudo.) This episode sees Sanzo engaging in a full-blown philosophical debate with Miroku (the denizen of the Saviour Device) over the latter's purpose. From what I gather, Miroku was designed by the gods as a last-ditch 'system reset', only intended to be activated at the very end of the universe (if ever). Of course, the down-to-earth Gokudo argues that Miroku can be whatever he wants and shouldn't feel constrained by whatever purpose he was designed for, and the latter takes him up on this advice by entering Gokudo's body and helping the gang fight Sanzo, who has taken advantage of the opportunity to fuse with the Saviour Device and gain the powers of God. Just as things are beginning to look bleak for all of reality (as Sanzo's avatar begins to descend from the heavens and encroach upon the mortal plane), our heroes manage to beat back their nemesis with a little help from Jyoka (the Tree

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