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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 20 Who's That Baby? Whose Baby? Mystery of the Blue Egg

As if this isn't weird enough, the gang also crosses paths with the magical talking panda from before, who's not only pregnant (from gobbling down a magical blue egg, or so he claims), but proceeds to give birth on the spot to a baby that is actually the demon lord Gokuu in a 'youthified' version of Gokudo's body. (Great stuff, ne?) Soon after, they finally reach Queen West's outpost and she begins to spin her own tale of woe. In order to explain all this, the episode resorts to super-exposition, so hang on tight... Apparently Sanzo switched the real King Yama with an impostor, turned Horai Mountain into Hell and then lured our heroes in to help him destroy the Hotoke. Why them? Perhaps because the gang unwittingly laid waste to the Hotoke back in Inaho. Queen West tried to stop him, and it was this conflict between their rival powers that caused the soul/body mix-up in the first place. However, she has a backup plan, and hands over a key to something called 'the Saviour Device', which

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