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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 13 World Shattering World! Which Way Is the Future of Inaho!?

The capital city of Inaho burns as Indra and the Dragon God battle one another while searching for Gokudo, while Djinn and Pegasus finally manage to rescue Lady Nano. Meanwhile, our hapless 'hero' is having no luck finding his way out of Inaho, and after another brief run-in with the ineffectual Ah and Ng he gets cornered by Indra and (despite Niari's best efforts) soon thereafter by the Dragon God as well. In the ensuing Mexican standoff, Djinn and Pegasus return with the Lady Nano, who tries to snatch the magic sphere away from Gokudo. Our lad is having none of this, however, and in the tussle the two of them accidentally tear it in half! This, as one might imagine, is a Bad Thing... primarily for the assembled immortals, however, as it means that gods can no longer live amongst humanity. The heavens crack open and hoovers up Lady Nano, Indra, and the Dragon God. So this would seem something of a result for our heroes if it weren't for one pesky little detail... Gokudo is still agein

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