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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 10 Stormy Weather! The Selfish Sun-Goddess Explodes

As Gokudo and Co set off - mercilessly leaving Niari behind to keep Princess Otto company - they are soon met by Nihi, a priest of the Hanishi (the followers of the Dragon God), who apologetically explains that Lady Nano (the Sun Goddess) is in a foul mood and that the suddenly stormy weather merely reflects this. Perhaps unsurprisingly, when they arrive on the scene she is nowhere to be found and they eventually discover that she's barricaded herself in the nearby Cave of the Gods and that darkness will hold sway until her mood shifts. Gokudo, knowing he only has a week to succeed in his mission, is less than impressed with this news and tromps off to the cave to try and bust the goddess out. Of course, the first thing our heroes do is make a terrible faux pas when they devour the food the villagers have been laying out as tribute to Lady Nano. (Yes, even Djinn, whose initial harsh lecture dissolves into hearty participation the moment she spots the unattended flagons of wine sitting

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