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What is The Savage Dragon about?
A half-hour animated series based on the cult-following comicbook created by Erik Larsen When mutants terrorized over Chicago. Overlord is one of the criminal mastermind and some of the supervillains and mutants rage is on and ordinary cops is losing control against them. Until one night... a miracle happen. A large super strong, quick healing super freak with green skin and a Mohawk-like fin. He was found after an accident by Lieutenant Frank Darling of Chicago Police District, unconcious and with no memories of his past. Now, Dragon later joins the police force and that is where our story truly begins.

Actors: Frank Welker, Rene Auberjonois, Kath Soucie, Dorian Harewood, Dawnn Lewis, Jim Cummings, Michael Dorn, Mark Hamill, Marcelo Tubert, Neil Ross, Jennifer Hale, Candi Milo, B.J. Ward, Robert Ito, Peter Cullen, Tony Jay, Paul Eiding, Ruth Buzzi, Jeff Bennett, Rob Paulsen

Season 1 of The Savage Dragon

    Episode 7: Hurt  
    Episode 8: Web  
    Episode 9: Hit-Man  
    Episode 12: Rampage  

Season 2 of The Savage Dragon

    Episode 1: Bull  
    Episode 5: Star  
    Episode 8: Endgame  
    Episode 9: Negate  
    Episode 12: Bride  
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