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Watch Beg Borrow Deal online: Episode 4 BB&D2 Episode 4

After both teams each eliminated a team member, it was time to start looking for another task to accomplish. Team Cake reached Washington D.C. after failing to complete the task of beating a Professional WNBA basketball player (Task #9). For being the first team to reach Washington D.C., they received a reward of a car for 12 hours. Meanwhile in Tennessee, Team Exodus was trying to get a female boxer to box one round versus a team member (Task #19). Unable to convince her manager, the team took a brief break to regroup, and attempted to work another angle on the manager. This technique worked, and Team Exodus was able to set up this task. While waiting for a boxing ring, the team was met by their newest teammate, Eric, who was voted out of Team Cake. After meeting with their new team member, Doug stepped into the ring and lasted a whole round with a professional female boxer. While on their way to Cleveland, Team Cake stopped in Pittsburgh to get dinner, which was awarded to bo

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