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What is Sidewalks: Video Nite about?
A spinoff of the long-running TV series, Sidewalks Entertainment. In early '90s, selected national music videos were added to the ambitious lineup of the original Sidewalks series. As more music videos became available to the weekly production, creator/producer Richard R. Lee decided to launch a spinoff series in 1996 to handle the extra load of music clips. Sidewalks: Video Nite was born -- as a separate program that would present "30 minutes of music from your favorite artists." The show features mainstream Top 40 music, ranging from POP, R&B, ROCK, COUNTRY and JAZZ. In previous years, Sidewalks' on-air personalities and viewers hosted the episodes. The current version of Video Nite consists of 30 minutes of back-to-back music videos in its complete, uncut versions.

Actors: Richard R. Lee, Dee Jones, Erin Willis, Brandace Moore, Joy Garner
Genre: Reality

Season 1 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 5: Madonna  
    Episode 7: Xscape  
    Episode 16: Fugees  
    Episode 18: Beatles  

Season 2 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 11: Hanson  
    Episode 23: Wyclef  

Season 3 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 31: Kenny  

Season 4 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 22: Hevia  
    Episode 43: Will 2K  
    Episode 45: Enigma  

Season 5 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 2: No Doubt  
    Episode 3: Enrique  
    Episode 5: Sting  
    Episode 6: Aaliyah  
    Episode 10: Goo Goo  
    Episode 22: Janet  
    Episode 30: Kandi  
    Episode 31: Dido  
    Episode 42: Olivia  

Season 6 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 6: Shaggy  
    Episode 7: Sade  
    Episode 22: Remix  

Season 7 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 2: Aaliyah  
    Episode 10: LMNT  
    Episode 16: Ash  
    Episode 17: 3LW  
    Episode 29: Scrubs  

Season 8 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 17: Bjork  
    Episode 35: Eve 6  

Season 9 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 9: N.E.R.D.  

Season 10 of Sidewalks: Video Nite

    Episode 3: Ciara  
    Episode 4: Houston  
    Episode 7: Jon B  
    Episode 8: Busted  
    Episode 10: Sum 41  
    Episode 11: Angel  
    Episode 17: U2  
    Episode 18: Yonnie  
    Episode 28: Emma  
    Episode 42: Keane  
    Episode 46: Garbage  
    Episode 50: Jaguar  
    Episode 51: Missy  
    Episode 52: Mari  
    Episode 55: Shelby  
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