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What is Monchhichis about?
Following the success of the Monchhichis doll line originating in Japan, Mattel decided to introduce these cute Monkey type characters to the American Market, spinning off this Hanna-Barbera Show. The Monchhichis resided in Monchia, high above the clouds, amonst the trees. Under the watchful eye of the Wizzar, the monchhchis loved to laugh and play, and have a happy, happy day! However, they were continually picked on by the Gumplins, purple nasty monchhichis, who lived in Grumplor. Fortunately though, the Monchhichis always had something up their sleeve (or at least, the Wizzar did), to save their treetop paradise.

Actors: Frank Welker, Frank Nelson, Hank Saroyan, Bobby Morse, Ellen Gerstell, Laurel Page, Laurie Faso, Sidney Miller, Peter Cullen, Bob Arbogast

Season 1 of Monchhichis

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