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What is Mighty Mightor about?
Mighty Mightor(now a judge named Hiram Mightor on Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law) is a cartoon about a pre-Historic Superhero. A young teen-aged man traveling with his pet Dino named Tog helps an old man being attacked by another man eating Dino. As a reward for his help Tor is given a club with magic powers. When he raises it over his head and yells Mightor he is transformed into a man with superhuman strength who flies and wields the power club which emits force beams, and his Dino is transformed into a flying fire breathing dragon. Mighty Mightor is sometimes aired on Cartoon Network's Boomerang special and Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law airs on Sundays at 11:30

Actors: Paul Stewart, Pasty Garrett, John Stephenson, Norma MacMillan

Season 1 of Mighty Mightor

Season 2 of Mighty Mightor

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