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What is RahXephon about?
The city of Tokyo has been overthrown, taken over by the Mu, invaders who have devastated the rest of the planet. Within the domed walls of the city, however, time flows in a different path, and none of the citizens even know they've been conquered. Outside Tokyo, the remnants of the human race have fought a desperate 15-year war against the Mu, knowing only that the key to victory lies within the occupied city. But no one has been able to get into Tokyountil Ayato Kamina, a young resident fleeing a horrifying attack on the city, unwittingly breaks out. An extraordinary mystery unfolds as Ayato confronts a world he has never known, and begins to learn the horrifying secrets of RahXephon, a humanoid super weapon which apparently only he can control. (Intro came from The Anime Network's Official Site) (pic of Ayato Kamina) RahXephon Opening Theme (English) Even so Just what in the world Can someone like me do The reality Within the cramped miniature ga

Actors: Cynthia Martinez, Monica Rial, Maaya Sakamoto, Kae Araki, James Marshall, Tiffany Grant, Paul Locklear, Kevin Charles, Heather Bryson LeMaster, Chikao Ohtsuka, Emily Carter, Randy Sparks, Andy McAvin, Mandy Clark, Yumi Kakazu, Ted Pfister, Mike Vance, Jouji Nakata, Houc
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation, Science-Fiction

    Episode 3: Memories  
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Season 1 of RahXephon

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