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What is Pilot Candidate about?
In the future, mankind has been left to a planet called Zion. They have been forced on to this planet by space creatures called "Victims." Terrorized by these Victims, Zion remains the only human inhabited planet left, thus mankind's last hope for survival. But with the alien invasion of Victims moving in, their only defense are the five "Goddesses" and their pilots. This brings in Zero: headstrong and short-tempered. Zero hopes to one day fulfill his dream of becoming a goddess pilot. "For those with wings, fly to your dreams" Alternative Titles: Candidate For Goddess Megami Kouhosei OP: "Aim for Zion, Planet of Hope" ED 1: "Chance" ED 2: "Kagayaki" Vocabulary: Atomic: Defects contained in every human body. Aqui Keameia: The orange Goddess piloted by Rioroute. Eeva Leena: The blue Goddess piloted by Gareas. Errn Laties: This is the white goddess piloted by Tee

Actors: Joshua Seth, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Yukimasa Obi, John Burnley, Akio Suyama, Tsutomu Kashiwakura, Yoshimichi Oumoto, Wataru Tagaki, Peter Toll, Kouichi Touchika, Susumu Chiba, Miki Nagasawa, Richard Cansino, Georgette Rose, Mami Koyama, Jessica Gee, Matthew Dunn, Kenji Noji
Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction

Season 1 of Pilot Candidate

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