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Watch Out There online: Episode 6 Connections: Missed and Made

When Fiona has to leave town after her Grandmother passes away, Reilly and Aggie volunteer to take care of the McDaniel's animals. When Aggie finds Reilly looking through Fiona's room, Reilly admits he can't stop thinking about her. Aggie takes the oppurtunity to encourage Reilly to ask Fiona on a date. At Fiona's grandmother's house, Fiona shares her hateful feelings toward her grandmother with her Mom. Ever since her grandmother tried to tear a 5-year old Fiona and her deaf mother apart, Fiona has had hateful feelings toward her....until Fiona's Mom reveals that her grandmother spent her life earning money to give to Fiona's college education and her Mom. Meanwhile, Miller, still grounded, spends his time watching romantic films to get tips on how to attract Aggie.

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