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What is Birdz about?
Ever wondered about what really goes on in the mind of a feathery pre-teen on the fly? Well you've flown into the right animated place. Welcome to the wacky world of 12 year-old bird Eddie Storkowitz. Like most of us, Eddie has dreams and ambitions, a crazy family to cope with, pre-teen anxieties and challenges, not to mention a crush on his teacher Ms. Downey. Eddie's life is a big rat's nest - uh, that's bird's nest -- of typical teenager problems - with a fine-feathered twist. Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Eddie Storkowitz! In Birdland- where all the inhabitants are birds- we find 12-year-old Eddie Storkowitz and his family. Eddie wants to one day become the next Steven Spielbird. Almost Mitty-ite, Eddie has a variety of fantasies, pre-teen anxieties and challenges, not to mention a crush on his teacher, Ms. Downey.

Actors: Chris Wiggins, Alison Sealy-Smith, Stephanie Morgestern, Ruby Smith Merowitz, Gregory Woodpecker, Richard Binsley, Julie Lemieux, Susan Roman, Jill Frappier, Len Carlson

Season 1 of Birdz

    Episode 6: Birdman  
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