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Watch Cliffords Puppy Days online: Episode 8 Nina's Perfect Party / Just the Right Size

#10801 ""Nina's Perfect Party"" Nina's birthday is coming and she's set up the perfect party plan. She's going to do it at a t-shirt shop, with all sorts of balloons and painting t-shirts and more. Unfortunately, on the day of the party, it turns out that a burst pipe has flooded the entire place. She's really disappointed, but Emily Elizabeth has an idea to fix things. #10802 ""Just the Right Size"" Clifford's excited about Emily Elizabeth's ballet recital, but when Mrs. Howard can't find her car keys, it looks like they might not be going anywhere. Daffodil immediately launches a search, but when Clifford tries to help, she tells him he can't help because he's too small. Encouraged by Norville, Clifford won't give up. He keeps on trying, feeling that there is something he can do to help.

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