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Watch Cliffords Puppy Days online: Episode 5 Sock It To Me / My Toy

#10501 ""Sock It To Me"" Clifford has a favorite toy called a sock spider which he and Emily Elizabeth enjoy playing with. Daffodil, however, claims that she doesn't like it and it isn't a real toy, which leads Clifford, acting on Norville's advice, to try and get rid of it. The truth, however, is that Daffodil doesn't really mind the toy, what she minds is feeling left out. It's up to Clifford to find out Daffodil's real problem and find a way to help her out. #10502 ""My Toy"" When Nina brings a new squirrel toy to the dog run with Jorge, he doesn't want to share it because he hasn't even had a chance to play with it himself yet. Rather than say so, he worries that the other dogs will be upset and insist on playing with the toy, so he tries to hide it and claim that he doesn't have it all.

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