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Watch Cliffords Puppy Days online: Episode 4 Paw Print Picasso / Hup Hup

#10401 ""Paw Print Picasso"" Emily Elizabeth makes a painting for an Art Fair, but when Clifford starts a game of ball with kittens Flo and Zo, he ends up getting into the paint and getting pawprints all over her painting. Flo and Zo convince him to try and hide what he did by rolling up the painting, but he feels guilty about it the whole night as Emily Elizabeth sleeps. The next day, Clifford slips into Emily Elizabeth's backpack and goes with her to still in an attempt to warn her about what he did to the painting. At school, he tries to show her what happened, but his small size keeps him from even finding her. He's eventually discovered, but by the time Emily Elizabeth figures out what happened, her painting is being hailed as a masterpiece at the art gallery. Emily Elizabeth gives him the credit he deserves and back at home, Daffodil praises Clifford for his braveness. #10402 ""Hup Hup"" When Emily Elizabeth asks for help figuring out what's wrong with her flower garden from Jenn

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