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What is Manor House about?
Manor House also known as 'The Edwardian Country House' was an acclaimed British mini-series in the reality tv genre, produced by Channel 4. It was first aired in the UK in April 2002 and was later broadcast in the U.S. on various PBS stations in 2003 as Manor House, where extra footage was added. In the series the Olliff-Cooper family are given the identities of turn-of-the-century aristocrats and housed in Manderston, an opulent Scottish country house, where they live for three months in the Edwardian style. Mr. and Dr. Olliff-Cooper become Sir John Olliff-Cooper, Bt, and Lady Olliff-Cooper. Interest and conflict is provided by the 14 servants, portrayed by individuals from several walks of life. Chief among these was Hugh Edgar, an architect from Surrey, who was cast in the role of the butler. Participants received instruction and a set of rules by which they were expected to abide for the duration of the experiment. Most of the upstairs participants enjoy their time in the house, which is meant to represent the years 1905-1914. Those below stairs have a different experience; for those in the lowest ranks, particularly the successive scullery maids, life appears to be intolerable.

Actors: Lucy Garside, Kelly Squires, Erika Ravitz, Jessica Rawlinson, Carly Beard, Charlie Clay, Jonathan Olliff-Cooper, Reji Raj-Singh, Tristan Aldrich, Eva Morrison, Denis Dubiard, Kenny Skelton, Antonia Dawson, Hugh Edgar, John Olliff-Cooper, Anna Olliff-Cooper, Jean Davies
Genre: Reality

Season 1 of Manor House

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