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Watch Popetown online: Episode 4 Trapped

Spencer the monkey has disappeared from the Popetown Zoo, and the buildings of Popetown are falling apart. Sister Penelope, always after a popular story, has tricked Father Nicholas into joining her in the catacombs for an interview, and Father Nicholas passes the responsibility of puting the young Pope to bed over to Sister Marie. Pope fools Sister Marie into believing that the energy drink Purple Papal Bull is a bed-time drink, and he guzzles down the whole can - only to end up fizzing, belching and 'jet' propelling himself all over the place... and then the energy part kicks in, sending Pope into an even greater frenzy. Pope ends up burning off the energy in the catacombs, but sets off a ceiling collapse that traps Pope, Father Nicholas, Sister Penelope and Sister Marie, and it's up to the Cardinals to form a rescue team.

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