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What is The Tomorrow People about?
The show concerned the emergence of the next stage of human evolution known colloquially as Tomorrow People. Born to human parents, an apparently normal child might at some point between childhood and late adolescence experience a process called "breaking out", when they develop their special abilities. These abilities include psychic powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. However, they are physically unable to deliberately kill others.

Actors: Dean Lawrence, Misako Koba, Philip Gilbert, Nigel Rhodes, Stephen Salmon, Sammie Winmill, Elizabeth Adare, Nicholas Young, Peter Vaughan-Clarke, Mike Holoway
Genre: Science-Fiction


Season 1 of The Tomorrow People

    Episode : Pilot  
    Episode : Limbo  
    Episode : Thanatos  
    Episode : Rumble  
    Episode : Superhero  
    Episode : Endgame  

Season 2 of The Tomorrow People

Season 3 of The Tomorrow People

Season 4 of The Tomorrow People

Season 5 of The Tomorrow People

Season 6 of The Tomorrow People

Season 7 of The Tomorrow People

Season 8 of The Tomorrow People

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