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Richard comes back from last week's killer game so group tensions are high. Ruairi chooses Andrew to be the next Lead Investigator saying Andrew ""hasn't got a lot of confidence, but he's a good man."" Only four suspects remain; Goldie, Jay, Jennifer and Trevor. The original necklace design drawing is brought back by Richard as this week's clue. The drawing shows that there is an extra part of the pendant that hangs down. Mel concludes that it's the top part of the necklace that's worth 6000 and put it together with the pendant and it's worth 2 million. Bob asks was Catherine wearing the complete necklace? Richard says it would be hard to tell as the bottom part of the necklace was hidden under her tee shirt. They look at the enhanced version of Goldie's kidnap video and see that there's a cardboard box saying 'pill boxes' in the background. The enhanced audio footage also detects a clock chime in the background. The Investigators conclude that there's a clock in Jennifer's antique shop

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