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Meryl chooses Nick in her last will and testament, making it Nick's second time as the Lead Investigator. At Chief Bob's briefing, he announces that there has been a leak to the local paper and they have run an article saying the Investigators have the peacock necklace. Bob wants to know who leaked this story as the only people who could know are the Investigators and the killer? Nick is told to follow this leak up. This week's Killer's clue is four passport photos of Anya. Ruairi says perhaps the clue points to Catherine having a plan to take Anya abroad, and Anya's dad might not have liked this? They already know that Catherine feared Anya's father, but which one? Catherine always said the father was Jay, but Trevor's the real biological dad. The first line of enquiry must be to interview Jay Wilmington and ask why people think he's Anya's dad and if he has been threatening Catherine, and this will be investigated by Team 1, Mel and Ruairi. Nick chooses Andrew and Richard for Team 2

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