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Tensions have become strained between the girls and the boys. Last week Mervin chose Sam to play the killer's game, and Sam did not come back. In Sam's last address to the group she states that she thinks Mervin picking her was personal and she's not amused. She says she wants Mel to be the Lead Investigator as ""she really has her teeth in this case and deserves to be in the house longer"". An argument is about to break out when Mel tells the group that Mervin ""made the wrong decision"" picking Samantha and Ruairi reacts saying Mervin can pick who he likes. Chief Bob diverts the petty bickering to the job at hand. The killer clue from last week was a blank certificate. Who does this belong to? How does this link to Catherine? It's been confirmed by forensics that Catherine was killed by navigational dividers which points to Jay. The blood stained coat that was discovered last week is discussed. Richard says their theory is it could belong to Tina as inside the pocket was her wedding invi

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