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Sarita, who was killed by the murderer in last week's Killer's Game, chooses Mervin as the lead investigator because ""he thinks logically and he will do well"". With only three women left - Sam, Meryl and Mel - the girls think there is a male conspiracy against them. The killer left a clue for Andrew in the Killer's Game - a pillbox. The investigators are also given the information that builder Trevor Dobie is the father of Catherine's daughter Anya. Mervin forms the teams. Team 1 will be Richard and Meryl. They will interview Trevor and find out if he knows he is the father. He will be at Jennifer Wilmington's antique shop so the investigators will also quiz her about the antique pill box. Team 2 - Nick, Ruiri and Andrew - will interview Jay Wilmington again about the break in to his boat. Team 3 - Sam and Mel - will visit the reclusive George Hawick, find out what he knows about Catherine and why he was trying to call her. First out are Team 2. They head to Jay's houseboat but find th

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