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Mel, Richard, Mervin, Sarita, Meryl, Sam, Christine, Ruairi, Nick and Andrew - will play the Murder Game to the bitter end, with a shared objective - catching the killer. But they have a single ambition too - bagging the 25,000 cash prize which can only be given to the last survivor! Guided by the worldly-wise Detective Chief Inspector Bob Taylor, aka The Chief, the game begins. Catherine Prior has been murdered and it is up to the special investigators to solve the crime. Richard becomes Lead Investigator, therefore deciding who is in what team. Later while the investigator's enjoy dinner, a wreath attached with 9 mugshot photos is smashed through the downstairs window. The message says ‘I am one of the nine' and it is clearly from the killer - they are challenging the investigators to discover which of the nine people in the photos is the blood spiller. The suspects are: Dean - Jay's best friend; Frank - Catherine's father; Goldie - Catherine's sister; Jay - Goldie's fiancee; Jennif

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