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Watch The Murder Game online: Episode 9 Episode 9 - Case Solves (aka Finale)

At the morning briefing there are only three Investigators left. This is the final episode and there will be no Lead Investigator as the Investigators directly compete with each other. The Killer Clue that Andrew brought back is that of a joint bank account shared by Goldie Prior and Jay Wilmington. It's shown that the pin number is used to withdraw 50 in cash from a building society at 11.52am on the day Catherine was murdered. The Investigators say that there might be CCTV footage to see who used it - Jay or Goldie, as one of them could then be eliminated. Goldie's motives could be anger if she discovered that Jay was having an affair. The line of enquiry is to go to the solicitor's office where the family are there for the reading of Tony Wilmington's will. They must quiz Goldie and Jay to see which one of them made the withdrawal and why they didn't tell them. This is the last chance for the three remaining Investigators to speak to the three remaining suspects. The solicitor read

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