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Hayley and the guys move into the house and have a party. Whilst in the hot tub with four of the men, Hayley is whisked away by Chris. Hayley goes on a group, sailing date with five of the guys including Jim, Ted, Brian, Stan, and Joseph.At luau night, Stan announces that he can't take anymore and unmasks himself. And while Hayley takes Michael down to the dark room (nothing happens), Brian takes a hula girl up to his room (something happened). And Pete enjoys the company of a hula girl.The guys talk about who will be eliminated and with the help of Monica Lewinsky, Hayley gets to see what Brian and Pete got up to last night. She ain't happy.During the unmasking ceremony, Brian steps forward and unmasks himself. Monica informs him that he was indeed one of the ones that was going to be cut. Hayley also eliminates Joseph and Pete.

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