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Watch Romeo online: Episode 20 Choices

Romeo's basketball team makes it to the finals. With the increased team practices and band rehearsals, Ro decides to make a minute-by-minute schedule of his life. As a result, he ends up falling behind in everything. Ro decides that something has to give and chooses to quit the team. He later explodes at his band members because he's trying to be the best he could be, and it feels like no one is on his side helping him out. Off their guilt, Jodi, Lou, and Gary get Ro back on the team. The family has learned the importance of sacrifice and compromise while Ro learned that it's okay to ask for help. Angeline's niece Stormy comes to visit. Every time she's around Gary, Gary winds up getting hurt, leading him to believe that Stormy is jinxed. Lou overhears some odd phone conversations that Ang is having with a doctor, and in the end, the family learns that she's pregnant. Percy and crew are ecstatic for their new family member to arrive.

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