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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 15 Episode 40

Lucy turns around to go back to the shore and sees the twins on the island and freaks out, causing her eye to go red. Harry manages to calm her down and they go to the twins. One of them holds out his hand to Lucy who touches it and is suprised to find it warm. They tell Harry and Lucy they are humans from a suprior race from many years ago that escaped Earth when it was about to colide. And how there race evolled on the earth. They also tell them they where the one following them the whole time. And how to geneteccally engniered their race to get rid of all negative emotions, which caused them to become two. They tell Harry and Lucy they don't know what casued the red eye and that there is no remedy. They tell them the only way is to go back to the beginning and remember everything for the first time. The twins disappear. Lucy and Harry arrive back at the beach and see the boat and realise if they need to get the group back together and use the power of the group to get back to Falkir

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