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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 11 Episode 37

Simon, Harry and Gerry find themselves in a cabin, with blindfolds. They are told Lucy is in the sick bay room. They are asked questions by the stewards, but they are tight lipped about it, and refuse to speak. The stewards decide to question them one by one. So they take Simon, as well as the batteries from the camera's. Meanwhile Lucy finds her self in the bush and sees Harry in the swamp calling for help. Lucy freaks out and wakes up screaming, Lucy discovers she was dreaming. Whilst the steward is questioning Simon he is called away. Simon looks out the window and is stunned when he thinks he can see Chrissie walk past. Simon manges to climb out the window and manages to find Lucy, when they are caught by the stewards. Simon tells them that he has managed to convince Lucy to cooperate and thinks he can convince the others as well. The stewards take Lucy and Simon back to the others. They manage to escape through the floor. Lucy, Harry and Gerry continue on, but Simon gets his shirt

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