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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 9 Episode 35

Stanich tries to get Harry, Simon and Lucy together, but the truck driver wants Stanich to write a witness report saying he didn't do anything illegal, Simon and Lucy run off, Harry who hides behind a car and waits to see what Stancich does, but the car he is hiding behind drives off. Lucy tries to tell Simon about the red eye, but he finds it hard to believe. Harry appears with his camera and shows Simon the video of Chrissie getting the red eye and splitting. They decide to continue on there way. Harry decides to get some supplies and goes into a shop, while Lucy and Simon continue on. Harry notices Stanich and hides. The owner asks if he is an alien, Harry is shocked, so the owner rephrases his question and asks if he is an illegal alien, Harry plays along and says that he is, the owner tells him to turn himself in, so Harry tells the owner everything. Stnaich heads towards the shop, the owner lets Harry out back and goes to Stanich and tells her that nobody has been there. The grou

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