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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 6 Episode 32

Simon and Chrissie go through Gerry's file and discover he was last checked by a Professor Sharpe, and that he maybe on Astrid Island. Stanich calls some, named Sam, and tells Sam what has happened. Harry and Lucy decide to keep looking for Shona. Simon and Chrissie go off and buy some camping gear and a map, but can't find Astrid Island on it. Harry and Lucy arrive at the lake and Harry sees Shona struggling in the waters and he freaks out and goes into rescue her, Lucy stops him and notices his eye has gone red. Lucy manages to get Harry out and shows him that Shona wasn't in the lake but a log. Chrissie begins to find it hard to carry the bags and refuses to walk. Harry and Lucy arrive back in the bush and Harry's eye turns red again, when Stanich appears. Stanich tells them that she has heard that some people, who have had alien encounters get the red eye, and that her friend Professor Sharpe might be able to help them, Harry and Lucy are reluctant to go with her, after lying to th

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