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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 4 Episode 30

The group go down the ravine, and can't find Leon. Chrissie and Shona accuse Simon of pushing Leon over. Shona decides to stay and continue looking for Leon. Harry and Lucy decide to stay with Shona. Simon and Chrissie decide to go look for Gerry at Moongooba hospital. Harry and Lucy agree that Shona is keeping something from them. Meanwhile Simon and Chrissie get lost. Lucy hears movement behind them, and Harry believes they're being followed, so they set up a trap; but end up catching Chrissie. Chrissie says she needs some water so Lucy and Shona go with her, Chrissie admits she doesn't need water, just to get away from Simon, because she is finding him too annoying at the moment, Lucy says the same thing about Harry. Chrissie and Simon continue to look for Gerry. Shona tells Lucy she needs time alone; Lucy let's Shona have the time alone, which causes Harry to get upset. Chrissie and Simon see one of the authorities vehicles. Shona decides to tell the others about Leon's red eye, an

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