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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 1 Episode 27

The group decide to hold hands again, in hopes of David and Sarah coming back. They hold each others hand and there is a sudden blur of lights and everything goes darker and colder. When it gets lighter they discover they're back in Falkirk Scotland. They decide to go to there families until they find David and Sarah. They split up into two groups, Harry and Simon and Chrissie in one and Lucy and Shona and Leon in the other. Harry's group go to the school and discover that nobody is in the school, they hear a noise and begin to panic, but discover it's the others, who went to town and found nobody there either. They look around the school grounds and discover Gerry's car, so Harry's group go into the school to see if they can find him. Once inside Chrissie makes way to the room where they have there UFO club meetings, Harry and Simon follow her in. They hear foot steps, and think it's Gerry, but are disappointed to see it's the caretaker. So they hide behind the door as he walks pass.

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