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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 2 Episode 15

Lucy gives Harry a birthday card, when Leon arrives and tells them that it's Sunday, not Saturday. They begin to wonder if Gerry was right about an alien encounter. They decide to escape. Harry shows the others that all the weird stuff that happen to them has been erased from the video recorders. The group confront Stanich who tell them that David and Sarah where in an accident and had concussion. She also tells them that they're waiting for them in a helicopter outside. The group look out the window and see David and Sarah walk pass. Shona hears Sarah tell her to look out the window, which she does and discovers that it's not David and Sarah that they saw. Shona shows the group and they decide to escape. They manage to escape, but they notice that no one is following. They decide to stay in Australia and find David and Sarah before they return. They decide to put all of their money and travelers checks together and elect Chrissie as treasure, Simon keeps some of his money hidden from

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