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When asked how he knew about the diamonds Arnie says when they said they caught a man called Joe he put two and two together. Sarah points out that she never said anybodies name. It then comes out that Arnie is Joe's brother and is in on the bank robbery all along. Arnie and Joe escape and lock the group in the hut. While this is happening Melissa and Simon sabotages Arnie's jeep and take the capsule. Melissa and Simon rescue the others when they see Arnie's jeep explode. Melissa and Gerry go the wreckage site and find nobody is there. They return to the others and discover Simon has taken the trail bike and gone after the others. Melissa and Gerry take a jeep and go after Simon, who is caught by Arnie and Joe and the trail bike taken from him. the others catch Arnie and Joe. Joe disappears but Arnie claims his leg is broken. Melissa agrees to stay while the others get rescued. On the way to the ridge David and Harry stop to rest. When Joe comes back and demands the diamonds. Chrissie

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