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Watch Thunderbirds 2086 online: Episode 5 Space Warriors

The Warriors, a hover-bike gang, cause trouble on a city's roads by blocking the traffic and terrorizing the cars' passengers. Dylan, travelling on the road himself, calls the police and decides to tackle some of the gang-members himself. Thanks to his help, the gang and their leader Ricky, are arrested. Impressed with Captain Beyda's abilities, the police look at Dylan to serve with them for one tour of duty with the Police Space Patrol. With the police chief, Commander Eaton, supporting Commander Simpson's budget for the International Rescue Organization, Dylan is signed-up as an example for the police's recruitment drive. Meanwhile, Ricky and the Warriors are en route to the Stargate Colony for rehabilitation. Once there, Ricky and the other prisoners escape and steal the prison transport ship. The Space Patrol, along with Dylan are sent to intercept them. With Ricky now looking for revenge on Dylan, he leads him to the Rosinante Colony for a final confrontation. The Thunderbirds ar

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