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Watch Thunderbirds 2086 online: Episode 3 One Of A Kind

In the Rocky Mountains Forestry Preserve, a search for a deer named Goliath that has been attacking tourists is called off and a hunter named McMann is sent in their place. Goliath and McMann were both in fact cybernetically enhanced as part of a forestry re-population program to observe how hunter and prey deal with each other. Meanwhile, the Thunderbirds undergo their annual check-up, only to find out that Gran is suffering from stress due to recently separating from his wife and daughter. As McMann corners Goliath, a massive thunder storm results in a forest fire, trapping them both. The Thunderbirds are sent to prevent the fire from spreading to a nearby nuclear reactor. As well as having to overcome his stress, Gran has to lead the Thunderbirds in saving McMann, Goliath, and his family that he has been protecting lately.

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