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Watch Thunderbirds 2086 online: Episode 1 Firefall

The space colony Rosinante sends out a defense squadron to destroy an incoming wave of asteroids. The squadron is overwhelmed, and the Rosinante is stuck by one of them, causing damage to its propulsion module. The entire crew of the space colony is evacuated, apart from Captain Bill Watson, who pilots the colony to a safer orbit. Bill's wife Danielle contacts his old friend Dylan Beyda at Thunderbirds HQ and informs him of the situation. After consulting with Commander Simpson, he is told that the colony is outside of their jurisdiction. Against orders, Dylan and the rest of the Thunderbirds make their way to Rosinante. At the space colony, the Thunderbirds figure out that the only way to save the colony is to remove the reactor itself and launch it into deep space. With time running out due to the reactor's instability, the Thunderbirds begin their perilous plan to save Captain Watson and the colony.

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