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Watch Karen Sisco online: Episode 5 Nostalgia

After fifteen years, Junior McLean (John Diehl) is finally released from an Everglades prison with nothing but an old faded picture of a little girl. Also in the Everglades is a man named Lester Porter (Jim True Frost), a counterfeiter, who is just about to have some unexpected visitors from the government. Karen Sisco, along with agents from the Marshall's service and the U.S. Treasury (including Agent Garrison Klick), raid Porter's stilt house and arrest him. Porter works out a deal to take down his employers, if his old highschool classmate guards him (Karen, who doesn't remember him). After returning from a fake lead (Salvatore Gigliano), Karen finds Lester being visited by his fiancee (Harmony Brown). Karen starts to question Lester when Junior suddenly starts shooting at them. During the confusion, Lester escapes. Karen learns that her dad put Junior away and that his little girl died while he was inside. Junior now wants revenge.

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