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What is Taboo about?
Taboo is a documentary television series appearing on the National Geographic Channel. The series is an educational look into rituals, and traditions practiced in some societies yet forbidden, and illegal in others. Each hour long episode details a specific topic, such as marriage or initiation rituals, and explores how such topics are viewed throughout the world. Taboo generally focuses on extreme viewpoints; in the sense that they are the most misunderstood, despised, or disagreed upon in the world.

Genre: Nonfiction
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    Episode 3: Sex Swap  

Season 1 of Taboo

    Episode 7: Tattoo  
    Episode 12: Drugs  
    Episode 14: Beauty  

Season 2 of Taboo

    Episode 1: Justice  

Season 3 of Taboo

Season 4 of Taboo

    Episode 7: Nudity  

Season 5 of Taboo

    Episode 2: Pets  
    Episode 5: Jobs  
    Episode 6: Mating  

Season 6 of Taboo

    Episode 1: Drugs  
    Episode 7: Sex  

Season 7 of Taboo

    Episode 2: Fat  
    Episode 3: Misfits  
    Episode 7:   

Season 8 of Taboo

    Episode 1: Beauty  
    Episode 4: Hoarders  
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