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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 23 High Tech Power Suit

Using all her strength and cunning, Riana manages to escape from the vault. She reaches the Summoning Tower just in time to see Ashka step through to Paul's world, where she follows her. Brian is hard at work at Newton Industries when he gets a call that a woman has arrived to see him - it is Ashka! She shows Brian the book she obtained from the vault. He is flattered when Ashka tells him that she sought him out because of his scientific reputation. He agrees to work with Ashka in discovering the book's secrets. That night Riana climbs in through the bedroom window and surprises Paul. She warns him about Ashka and her plan to build a power suit - they set out to find her. When Paul comes home from school the next day and hides Riana, Brian arrives and wants to introduce his new girlfriend. Paul is horrified to discover it is Ashka!

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