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Watch Spider Man and His Amazing Friends online: Episode 10 The Vengeance Of Loki

During a government mission to rescue a sinking ocean liner at the North Pole, the Spider-Friends and the Mighty Thor discover a frozen Viking ship. The ship contains one of two ancient gems known as the Twins of the Gods; together they will grant anyone who possess them immeasurable power. Thor's evil half-brother Loki, whom already has control over one of the gems, soon succeeds in seizing the other. He banishes both Thor and Iceman to remote regions of Asgard, homeland of the Gods, and imprisons Spider-Man and Firestar inside the two gems. Having taken on the guise of his sibling, Loki continues his revenge by wreaking havoc on New York City. Iceman meanwhile succeeds in escaping from the Asgard Sea of Flame with the help of Zerona, a giant ice goddess who has fallen in love with him. They travel to the frozen land of the Ice Giants where Iceman restores Zerona to her rightful throne in return for information regarding the whereabouts of Thor. Unfortunately the ice goddess wishes Iceman to remain in Asgard as her consort. Luckily for Bobby, the situation is resolved and the pair part on friendly terms. Thor successfully escapes from The Desert of Despair and the duo travel to New York where they defeat Loki and free Spider-Man and Firestar. The God of Thunder destroys the gems and banishes his evil half-brother to Asgard to receive his punishment.

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