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Watch Spider Man and His Amazing Friends online: Episode 1 Triumph Of The Green Goblin

Norman Osborne's plane crashes, causing him to change once again into the Green Goblin. He decides his new evil plan will be to pollute the resevoir with the same formula used to create him, thereby making an entire city of goblins. Unfortunately, he can't remember where the formula is, so he decides that his niece Mona Osbourne must know, and kidnaps her from a school costume party, attended also by the Spider-Friends, in their secret identities. Spidey and crew manage to rescue Mona and freeze the portion of the resevoir tainted by the Green Goblin's rediscovered formula. During his struggle with Spider-Man, the Goblin accidently electricutes himself, reverting once again to a confused Norman Osborne, who has no memory of the recent events.

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