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Watch Thats Life 1968 online: Episode 17 Our First Vacation

Bobby's vacation was going to be nice and quiet-until his in-laws, Berman & Medford, suggested a family jaunt to Florida. The chaotic drive south finds Bobby in the driver's seat-and under the hood. Once at the hotel, Bobby learns that hypochondriacs make strange bedfellows; and is pestered by a veteran Florida vacationer, Henny Youngman; and finds relief when he is entertained by Little Anthony and the Imperials. Songs included: We're Having the Time of Our Lives - Robert Morse, E.J. Peaker, Shelley Berman & Kay Medford / At Your Beck and Call - Tony Mordente Dancers / How Can Anyone Live with You? - Robert Morse & Shelley Berman / One Bikini, Two Bikini - Robert Morse / A Room Without Windows - Robert Morse & E.J. Peaker / This Is the Life - Little Anthony and the Imperials.

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