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Watch Joe Millionaire online: Episode 10 Season 2 Episode 10

It feels like just yesterday that we met David Smith, Fox's new Joe Millionaire, and his bevy of European ladies, but it's time already for the finale. Paul, with his usual glass of brandy in his hand, tells us that David has narrowed his search to two women: Linda, who ""got back in at the end of the race,"" and Cat, who ""survived the entire marathon."" David will not only have to choose between the two ladies, but will have to tell one of them that he doesn't really have eighty million dollars. Let's get to it! David says that he's torn between the two women. With Linda, he was ""intrigued at first sight,"" but Cat is someone ""who I've developed a relationship with."" Linda and Cat talk and admire the diamond bracelets they got after the most recent elimination. Linda says that she thinks it's right that they are the last two women. Cat is not feeling the same camaraderie. In an interview, she says, ""I would be the winner, but Linda is back."" She says much the same thing to Linda's face. C

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