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Watch Joe Millionaire online: Episode 7 Season 2 Episode 7

Last week on The Next Joe Millionaire, Kristyna and Giada got booted, Olinda was mean to Cat, got booted, and I pulled a muscle in one of my typing fingers after recapping all two hours of international intrigue! Paul welcomes us back to this week's episode. He promises us ""jet set dates"" to help David ascertain which women are there for him and which are there for his money. Paul also says that the makers of the show were surprised when one of the eliminated women asked for a second chance with David. Because they love the twists and turns, they agreed. In the villa, Petra, Anique, and Cat share an awkward meal. They eat silently while their interview voiceovers fill us in on the underlying tension. Petra thinks David made the wrong decision at the last elimination. Cat says that she thinks Petra wanted her to go. And Anique says that she doesn't find Cat open or honest. Paul enters the dining room and congratulates the women on joining ""the diamond club."" He tells Anique to get ready

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